The fun certainly continues in the Kindergarten program. A positive, energetic, and supportive environment puts children at ease while encouraging them to challenge themselves with new ideas, new obstacles, and new adventures!


Language Proficiency


After absorbing a wealth of language in the Preschool Immersion Program, students are ready to do so much more with it in the Kindergarten Program. Students progress from recognizing and writing letters to writing sentences and reading storybooks on their own, producing formidable skills in reading and writing in the English language. Speaking and listening skills also progress at an extraordinary rate, resulting in fluent, confident speakers of English with accomplished skill in communication.



Growth and Development

With students now feeling totally comfortable in their world at Mighty Acorns, it is now time for them to slowly build confidence in themselves and realise their vast potential and value in this world. Friendships are strengthened and students learn the difficult skill of resolving conflicts on their own; an often ignored skill necessary for their future. Appropriate physical development ensures students are physically ready for their next big step into elementary school.

キンダーガーテンプログラムもプリスクールに引き続き楽しいカリキュラムになっています。子供達が新しいことに恐れることなく 挑戦し困難なことにも立ち向かい、冒険していけるようポジティブで活力に満ち、常に子供達に寄り添いサポートをする体制の環境の中で子供達はキンダーガーテンの2年間を過ごしていきます。


Here, in the challenging but fun Kindergarten Immersion Program, students will transform their alphabet skills into formal reading and writing ability, sharpen cognitive abilities to become problem solvers and build fluent conversation ability on top of existing communication skills.


Learning to Communicate.  Communicating to Learn.  


Cognitive Process 

The wonderful world of Kindergarten encourages students to use the vast repertoire of knowledge and information that was built in the Preschool Immersion Program. Students are required to process, and really think about given information before responding. This process not only builds incredible skills in communication but also helps students question and discover the world around them.




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Get ready for the Kindergarten Immersion Program.

  • 9:20 am     Arrival:
    • unpack belongings and 
    • play freely with teacher and friends
    • Mighty Acorns Library Work
  • 9:55 am     Circle Time:
    • Morning Discussion
    • Daily Schedule
    • Weather Graphing
    • Calendar and Math Fun
    • Spelling and Vocabulary 
  • 10:25 am     Singing, Dancing, & Movement
  • 10:30 am     Drink Break
  • 10:35 am     Morning Activities (Varies daily)
    • Thematic Discussions
    • Social Studies
    • Math Ideas and Concepts
    • Reading Work
    • Writing and Journal Work
    • Alphabet Work
    • Science and Experiments
    • Language Activities
    • Fun and Games
  • 11:20 am     Bathroom Time and Lunch Preparation
  • 11:30 am     Lunch Time
  • 12:15 am     Teethbrushing Time
  • 12:25 pm     Media (Varies daily)
    • Video Time
    • Story Telling
    • Show and Tell
  • 12:35 pm     Singing and Dancing 
  • 12:45 pm     Afternoon Activities (Varies daily)
    • Arts and Crafts
    • Outdoor Discovery
    • Recreational Development
    • Computers and Technology
    • Pair and Group Work
  • 1:35pm     Drink Break
  • 1:45pm     Review
  • 2:00pm     End of Class

  • 9:20 am     登園
    • 持ち物を所定の場所に出します
    • 自由遊び
    • ライブラリーワーク
  • 9:55 am     サークルタイム
    • 朝のディスカッションタイム
    • 今日のスケージュールの確認
    • 天気をチェックしチャートに記入
    • カレンダータイム
    • スペリングや語彙を使ったアクティビティ
  • 10:25 am     歌・ダンス・運動
  • 10:30 am     ティータイム
  • 10:35 am     朝のアクティビティ(日替わり) 
    • テーマに沿ったディスカッション
    • 社会
    • 算数と概念
    • リーディング
    • ライティング・ジャーナル
    • アルファベットワーク
    • 科学・実験
    • 文法
    • ゲーム
  • 11:20 am     トイレタイム・ランチの準備
  • 11:30 am     ランチタイム
  • 12:15 am     歯磨きタイム
  • 12:25 pm     メディア(日替わり)
    • ビデオタイム
    • 様々な方法によるリーディング
    • Show & Tell
  • 12:35 pm     歌・ダンス
  • 12:45 pm     午後のアクテビティ(日替わり)
    • 図画工作
    • 外遊び
    • レクリレエーション
    • コンピューター・テクノロジー
    • ペアワーク・グループワーク
  • 1:35pm     ティータイム
  • 1:45pm     今日の復習
  • 2:00pm     お帰りの時間


Routine and Schedule

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